Read Me!
1. The enforcement of rules is an indisputable process and we will not hesitate to punish violators despite of their affiliation or even rank.
2. Awareness of the rules is your responsibility and ignoring them puts you at risk of punishment.
3. Rules are subject to change or get updated whenever deemed appropriate and you will be notified when we do so.
4. No punishment was included within the rules since the consequence matrix is up to the staff to decide based on multiple factors, including and not limited to: - Repetitiveness of same violation. - General record. (Contributions & Violations)


1. Be respectful towards all Staff Members, any abusive behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 
- This rule does not only apply to the administration team, but is also applicable to all staff roles.
2. Do no impersonate identities of Staff Members or falsely claim you are someone of authority. 
- Typically used to gain a privilege during a transaction or spreading false information.
3. Do not spread rumors or false information, any attempts to disrupt the peaceful experience of others will be severely and relentlessly subdued with no regard given to anyone's affiliation. 
- This includes and is not limited to saying untruthful things about Sever Network and all affiliated projects, if you would like to discuss something; you can do so by creating a ticket or messaging one of the administrators with your inquiry. - This includes attempting to convince people to quit the server, if you really dislike where you are, no one will force you to stay; so kindly do it without causing a ruckus in the process. - This includes insults or things spoken in different communities and discord servers, not just Sever-related channels.
4. Do not flame other players, drama is allowed in context of competitive gameplay, but when things get chaotic and people start being disrespectful towards each other, we will interfere to stop the conflict. 
- We do understand that the adrenaline rush sometimes makes you do unreasonable things, but kindly keep it as peaceful as you can and always think about the other players that just want to enjoy the game.
5. Attempting to bypass either the PC or IP limitations is extremely prohibited and although we have an advanced Anti-Cheat system, some people will still try their best to bypass it and will be punished. 
- The PC and IP limits are there to maintain a specific pace and to ensure nobody has any kind of unfair advantages over other players, so kindly respect our conviction and beware that they are there for a reason. - Before trying to bypass the limits, always remember that it's very easy to sniff you out no matter how hard you try to conceal it. - Think about the progress you have made and what you would feel like losing all of it and starting from scratch.
6. Abusing bugs before/instead of reporting is also extremely prohibited, you will have a glorious moment, but it will not last for long and you will be permanently banned from all Sever projects. 
- Taking an unfair advantage of bugs only means that you are not capable of achievement unless you have some kind of biased push and it's only going to be momentary, so think very well about the state of your account afterwards.
7. Advertisement of other servers is not allowed whether on Discord, In-game and even Direct Messages. 
- This includes barely mentioning the name of another server without proper censorship. - This includes comparisons between Sever and any other server, each project has its unique qualities that make it better in its category. Instead, you can make suggestions through the relevant channel with anything that you would like to see added or implemented on Sever.
8. Teaming up to create an advantage for different activities and events is not allowed and will not be tolerated whatsoever, each event has a purpose to serve and a specific member-limit; trying to create your own team/guild rules for events only ruins the experience of others who wish to experience a sincere and fair gameplay. 
- This includes teaming up for Solo, Free for All, Team, Party and Guild based events.
9. Trying to alter event records and original individual/group placements by having alt characters present to kill is not allowed and is considered abusive behavior, so kindly keep it fair by only participating with one character for all activities. 
- This includes asking your friends to open alts to help you unfairly win events, or even farming on your friends' main characters.
10. Outside buffing and having the help of invulnerable characters is not allowed, keep it fair and put yourself in your opponent's place, it would not be a fun experience for you either, would it? 
- This includes even basic PvP activity that is not irrelevant and not related to events and/or activities.
11. Spying and/or giving leads to where individuals/caravans is not allowed will get the spying account banned and even their main account punished in some cases. 
- This is applicable to characters not wearing a job suit most of the time, but we understand that you can get traced by an alt character from the same job as yourself sometimes, which means that reporting such offends will require a detailed video showing the player tracing you and then the opposite job coming to hunt you down.
12. Sever Staff will not interfere with the security of your account and have provided you with all the necessary means to protect it, so keeping your account secure is your responsibility. 
- In order to keep your account secure, you have to use a different password than any of the passwords used for previous servers, set up a strong secondary-passcode and keep it out of reach. - Please note that Sever Staff will never ask you for any details like your password or secondary passcode, so you ought to ignore such phishing attempts.
13. Sever Staff will not restore the enhancement level of failed items, destroyed items or hacked/scammed items, so make sure you eliminate the possibility of any accidents that may occur. 
- Bots are disabled, so accidents such as selling valuable items to NPCs, destroying items unintentionally through auto alchemy and a thousand other things will never happen, meaning that any other accident is going to be your sole responsibility, so kindly double-check on everything before taking any reckless actions and/or decisions.
14. Racism and religious debates will not be tolerated and is not a laughing matter, you can come up with better jokes that do not include degrading others or their beliefs. 
- This applies to all Sever Network channels.
15. Running an unaccredited event or even inviting people for one as a joke is not allowed and will get you punished, only Sever Staff are allowed to host events. 
- Players engaging with such events might be punished as well depending on every situation, so be kindly be careful.